Cold Camp

This Is A Guided Weekend Retreat Centered Around Cold Exposure For Solo Travellers In Their 20s, 30s & 40s.

About Cold Camp

This experience is all about embracing the cold and realizing the strength of your mind and body!

Over the course of 3 days, you’ll be led by Certified Experts through a series of workshops centered around movement, breathwork, heat therapy and cold exposure. You’ll also have full access to a ton of amenities including your cosy 2-person chalet, a hot tub, sauna, tea room, exercise room and more. We take care of all the nitty gritty planning, so you can focus on disconnecting from the city hustle and reconnecting with yourself and other adventurers.

Are you ready to scratch the polar dip off your bucket list?!
Facts on Cold Exposure

What Is Cold Exposure?

Any form of short exposure to cold - could be a cold shower, a frozen lake plunge, or an ice bath. 


Average Temperature in high season

How Long Should I Stay In The Water?

There is no minimum requirement. Listen to your body and do what’s right for you. We usually recommend between 90 and 120 seconds to reap the full benefits.

Is Cold Exposure Dangerous?

No. When done with support and the right preparation, cold exposure has a ton of benefits to unlock!

Top 5 Benefits of Cold Exposure

  1. Heightened Immune System
  2. Improved Brain Functioning & Mood
  3. Aids Fat Burning
  4. Fights Inflammation
  5. Mental Toughness & Discipline

Package Includes

A comprehensive facilitated weekend retreat just 2 hours from the city!

2-person chalet with private bathroom and kitchen

Guided cold plunge facilitation

Guided breathwork & movement workshops

Full access to sauna, hot tub, campfires and other amenities

Complimentary wifi in chalets and common areas

Experienced Tryp Leader with you from start to finish

Remember, transportation to the retreat isn’t included and prices are based on two people per chalet. Single chalet upgrades are available. 


5 Lake Crossings + 4 Portages


Provincial Park Exploration


3 Lake Crossings + 1 Portage

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How It Works

Never cold plunged before? Don’t worry! We got you in 5 easy steps!


Book Your Spot


Attend Our Online Orientation


Pack Your Bags


Jump In Cold Water


Make Life-Long Connections


 Important Notes

Some tips on how best to plan your tryp!


Beautiful & cozy chalets with all the comforts of home.

2-Person Chalet

Hot Tub

Movement Room

Tea Room

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