COVID-19 Travel Update - Steps We Are Taking to Prioritize Your Health and Make Travel Flexible & Easy!

Travel Updates

Steps We Are Taking to Prioritize Your Health and Make Travel Flexible & Easy!

Health & Safety

Steps We Are Taking to Prioritize Your Health

At Tryps, we’re grateful to welcome back our travelers and hit the road again. We’ve rigorously evaluated each of our unique adventures to ensure every Tryp meets the recommended health protocols and prioritizes the safety of our Tryppers. We’ve consulted with public health authorities and industry leaders to design safe and secure adventures.

Traveling hasn’t stopped and adventures are right there for the taking, be it within Canada or across the world. We just have to be cautious, smart and prepared. These are the precautionary measures that will constantly be adjusted in accordance with recommended guidelines. And, rest assured that none of these precautions will affect the authentic cultural experiences you’ll be immersed in, the unique destinations we’ll visit, and the community of travelers you’ll call family.


Flexible Booking

We’ve made it easy to change your travel plans up to 60 days prior to your Tryp’s departure date. You can choose new dates and/or a new destination without penalty or fees.

Tryp Cancellations

If your Tryp is cancelled/postponed for any reason (including changes in public health regulations), all Tryppers will receive 100% Tryps credit which can be used towards any of our destinations for up to 24 months.

On Tryp

Travel Bubbles

From start to finish, on your Tryp you’ll be travelling with your ‘travel bubble’ of Tryppers. All activities and meals will be with these travelers only, and everything will be overseen by your highly trained Tryp Director We’ve vetted all local suppliers and guides to ensure that hygiene and distancing protocols are adhered to at all times.

Arrival and Welcome

Upon arrival, your Tryp Director will conduct a welcome meeting, covering what can be expected on your Tryp and all the necessary wellbeing precautions.

Your Tryp Director

Tryp Directors will submit a Self-Health Declaration prior to the Tryp as well as post Tryp. They will be equipped with all the necessary emergency contacts and will be there to provide 24/7 support throughout the Tryp should any situation arise.

Physical Distancing and Group Size

We’ve designed room sharing protocols and group sizes for any indoor/outdoor activities to comply with regional distancing requirements and for the peace of mind of all of our travelers.

Local Guides

All guides are fully compliant with locally mandated standards. We’ll arrange priority entrance whenever possible and ensure physical distancing throughout. All our Local Guides will have been trained on hygiene protocols and provided with the same checklists and standards as your Tryp Director.

Partners on the Ground

We will only work with trusted partners that are like-minded and care about the well-being of our travelers and are fully compliant with locally mandated standards. 


We’ll ask all travelers to monitor their health throughout their Tryp, with protocols in place in the event someone becomes ill or displays symptoms of COVID-19. If a traveler exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, our Tryp Director is trained and has detailed protocols to follow in this event. 

Post Tryp

Post-Tryp Survey

At the end of your Tryp, you’ll be able to share your opinions of your experience, allowing us to constantly improve for the benefit of future travelers.

Easy & Flexible Booking

Let’s Take Away the Stress from Planning Your Next Tryp!

Book with
a Micro Deposit!

Yes, that’s right. Secure your spot on an upcoming Tryp with a micro deposit and pay the rest up to 60 days before your Tryp. Book your next Tryp here!


Plans change, we get it! Book with us and your deposit is refundable for a Tryp Credit up until 60 days prior to your Tryp start date.

No Change

 Let us know at least 60 days prior to your Tryp start date and you pay zero fees and your deposit is applied to the new Tryp.