About Us

Solo travel can unlock some of the richest experiences life has to offer. Connection with others, with places, and with ourselves.

Tryps started through our personal experiences travelling solo around the world. There was something so freeing about setting off on an adventure on your own. We connected so deeply to the places we visited and the people we met. 

But there were also a lot of hurdles and risks. These obstacles fueled our passion to create Tryps. We remove the obstacles, the hassle, and the stress involved in solo travel. All you have to do is show up.

Travelling with strangers is different, maybe even a little intimidating. But don’t worry; we’re obsessed with curating a great group dynamic. We want people leaving these experiences with real connections. That’s why we specifically tailor our trips for fun-loving and easygoing adventure seekers. If this is the vibe you’re looking for, let’s start planning your next adventure!

Meet the Pack

Solo Travelers

Finding friends who value and prioritize travelling can be a challenge. You shouldn’t let that stop you from living your life to the fullest! Our trips provide a community of other people in your age range that love travel just as much as you.


We left the path behind a long time ago. Our Tryps are about exploring countries in new ways and finding those hidden gems tourists normally can’t access.


Our goal is to offer you access to real, raw culture. We limit our group sizes and the number of Tryps per year to ensure that we can explore these cultures in a sustainable manner.

Hassle-Free Adventure

 Every single component of this tryp has been vetted and tested to ensure you are guaranteed incredible quality without the stress of planning. All you need to do is show up!

Like-Minded Travelers

  Part of what makes any Tryp special is the group you share it with. We bring together young professionals who share a love of culture and adventure. You can expect to leave any tryp with a few life-long connections.

Nina Menicanin

“I knew I was never going to go if I waited on others”

To me, travel is everything. I work 9 to 5 and save my money all for these moments. I feel like it’s when I truly come alive. I always tell my friends, the best me is when I’m on a plane. But, I kept getting disappointed waiting for others to join. I knew I was never going t go if I waited on others. What I love about Tryps is that i know I’m going to meet people and I know the vibe to expect. Every experience I’ve had I’ve legitimately made real friends and explored countries the way I like to - thoroughly and authentically - without having to spend 2 months planning and researching.